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Get *all* of my music, now and forever. Streams + Downloads. For just $3.33. We're talking 100s of albums & EPs and 10s of 1000s of songs.


When you subscribe, we will start writing you unique microsongs (~under 60 seconds each, maybe longer?) each month (*note: you must be a subscriber for 3 months for this to activate*).

These microsongs are part of a rock opera and if you stay a subscriber for 100 months (just over 8 years), I will email you a repackaged 100-song rock opera complete with album art and liner notes. Just for you! When you complete this 100-month cycle, you will also get a certificate solidifying you as an official Pizza Puppy FOR LIFE. Thank you for considering this fun offer! 100 months seems like a long time but life is long† !! Let's have fun together in life! Email if you have any questions.

† unless it's short

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